Poetry About Right Brain, Left Brain Hemispheres

 Poetry About Right Brain, Left Brain Hemispheres


As human beings, we have two brain hemispheres. Those hemispheres are the right brain and left brain. The left side is said to process logic and order. The right side of the .243 Winchester Ammo For Saleain is a visual entity and may process an event randomly or creatively. Most people are not aware that both sides of our brain needs exercise. If one knows that our brain needs exercising, some usually exercise one side more often.

Neurotransmitters shoot across the gap, for me to be strapped with ammo
Ammo which causes another’s mind to react to my shots
Duck and move
Feel a groove
It is an exercise of the brain
Get it trained, let it stain
On another’s way of thinking

So fast, before the blink of an eye
Right eye, left eye, in other words-winking

Now it is sinking down and around
Hop over to the left, get it off the chest
Now comes talk of the news
Systematic, democratic, who is acting in one’s shoes?

It is about values, ethics, it’s universal
Mathematical, analytical
Some thinking is way too critical
But we are speaking of the left brain now

How is it that organizing makes an event
successful or detrimental?

Right brain keeps a nation free and spirited
Left brain keeps a nation structured



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