Several Things About a Drag Race You Should Know

 Several Things About a Drag Race You Should Know


Drag race is a competition for those who love speeding and it even becomes a part of their lives. What makes it amazing is the feeling when they are in high speed, trying several things about led street light

to break the limit of speed to be the first to cross a finish line.

Drag race is known, gaining its popularity in the USA after World War II before becoming very popular in all over the world. It supports many communities and organizations to build dragstrips which reach hundreds by 2009. In this case, some organizations have built popular dragstrips, such as

Drag race competition applies several measurements for each race, including reaction time, elapsed time, and speed. The time from the green light illuminating to the vehicle leaving the starting line is called reaction time, while the time for the racers to cross the finish line is called starting line. The last measurement, the speed, is measured through the racer’s speed when he or she comes near to the finish line as the speed indicates the approximate maximum speed of the vehicle during the run.

Drag race events divide some criteria of vehicles that are based on the modifications of the car. Cars are classified according to the engine capacity, frame type, cylinder configuration, wheelbase, horsepower to weight ratio, number of cylinders, etc. The purpose of these classifications is to ensure that each car is in the right place, so the competition will be fair.

As what we all know, the winner of a drag race competition is one who crosses the finish line without breaking out or red-lighting. It means that to be a winner, one must have the lowest total reaction time and elapsed time. However, the elapsed time cannot determine the racer’s win as it is only a measure of performance.




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