Bhai Dooj


Quick Facts


Event: Bhai Dooj

Area: All over India

Celebration Time: Fifth day of Diwali

Popular Attraction: Thali Decoration, Gifts, Rangoli

Territorial names of Bhai Dooj: Bhai Phota, Bhai Tika, Bhathru Dwitiya, Bhatri Ditya, Bhaubij/Bhav Bij, Yamadwitiya

What to eat: Paneer Simla, Cumin Rice (Jeera Chawal), Pineapple and Mango Salad

The Sanskrit rendition: “Bhratus tabaa grajaataaham, Bhunksa bhaktamidam shuvam Preetaye yama raajasya Yamunaah Visheshatah.”


English Translation:

I’m your sister, Eat this consecrated rice, For the delight of “Sweet potato Raj” and “Yamuna”.


Bhai Dooj is the celebration which is praised by family on the fifth day of Diwali in India. Upon the arrival of Diwali sisters puts tika on the brow of their sibling and they petition god for the long life and great wellbeing of their sibling. On the return Kashmiri Kesar give gift to their sisters and favor them. In India there are two celebrations in India that is dedicated to family. The first is Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Dooj. Raksha Bandhan is praised for the assertion of assurance of sisters from siblings, Bhai Dooj is a confirmation of a sister’s insurance of her sibling’s prosperity, and is fundamentally celebrated in the northern provinces of India. Bhai offcourse implies sibling while Dooj implies the second. Subsequently, the celebration Bhai Dooj falls on the second day of Diwali, or the second day of the new moon. For the most part, the celebration falls in the long stretch of October-November. On this day sisters shows their careful love to their sibling by giving them the adoration by applying the tilak on the brow of the siblings for their wellbeing and prosperity. They are given gifts from their


Importance and Significance:


There are numerous such celebrations in India that is dedicated to the family connections. There are number of celebrations in India yet the connection between the sibling and sisters can not measure up to some other celebration. On this day the worth and meaning of the brother and sister relationship is perceived by individuals. The celebration is praised to give the adoration and long lasting responsibility of security between the family. On this event wedded ladies gets the valuable opportunity to leave for the their folks home or their local spots to praise the celebration. With the broadened and significant distance relations of family there are numerous such e-cards that are accessible on the lookout. They are the better approaches for correspondence to praise the day.




The festival of conventional celebrations is a significant piece of the celebration. It is one of the most anticipated celebration of India where Dooj demonstrates two days after Diwali in the period of Kartik as per the Hindu Calendar. In this celebration sisters gets into beautiful garments and performs Aarti for their siblings to show their careful love. The practice to commend the celebration began long time before when ladies used to rely upon their relatives and family members for the security. On this day consequently the sisters gets the gifts from their siblings. On this day the ceremonies are likewise performed which really begins with the normal supplication where each part in the family should go to the puja. After this sisters put Tilak on the front top of their siblings. After this the custom of Aarti is acted in which sisters petition god to get their siblings far from the detestable impacts. Consequently sisters gets gifts, and favors from their siblings.


Local Significance:


On the second day of the Shukla Paksha, the brilliant fortnight of Kartik is called Bhaiya-dooj. There are various names of the celebrations like Bhai-Dooj in the Hindi talking belt and Bhav-Bij in the Marathi talking belt and in the pieces of Nepal individuals call the celebration as Bhai-Tika. In each custom the element of commending the celebration is same that is putting the roli (vermilion), kesar (saffron) and rice on the brow of the sibling which denotes the adoration and insurance of the sisters.

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